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Curriculum and Testing

The curriculum taught to the students in the Palo Verde Learning Community is aligned to the Arizona Academic Standards. Highly qualified teachers provide instruction through a variety of methods to meet the individual needs of their students through enrichment or reteaching. The students are expected to meet or exceed the standards in reading, language arts, and math in their classroom performance and for state testing.

Students are assessed with the Arizona's Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS), a performance based and normed referenced test for all students in grades 3-8. Students in second grade are assessed by Terranova, a normed referenced test created by CTB McGraw and the Arizona Department of Education. The state testing period is generally held in April of every year.

The Palo Verde Learning Community is the framework and philosophy behind the instructional practices employed by Palo Verde District to insure all students are meeting or exceeding the standards. The academic standards are aligned in the daily lessons to insure adequate coverage. The assessments used to measure student achievement are valid and reliable. There are several tiers of interventions to assist students needing more intensive instruction to reach mastery. There are enrichment platforms for students who would benefit from extensions of the lessons. Our Palo Verde Learning Community also provides professional development for teachers to deeply align the academic standards with effective instructional strategies.