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Parent Involvement

It is the belief of the Palo Verde Elementary School District community that parental involvement in their children's education is vital to the success of our students. Parents are the primary educators, and the most important influence in the lives of their children.

All the evidence suggests that when parents are actively involved in their children's education the children are most likely to do much better in and out of school. Therefore, it is very important for every parent to work closely with the school personnel as partners. PVESD #49 will provide parents with the following assistance to help them meet their needs as active parents in the lives of their children while at school:

  • Opportunities for parents to participate in decision making on an annual basis.
  • Opportunities for parents to participate in the development of school review
  • Coordinate parent activities with other parent involvement activities.
  • Utilize survey results and evaluations in designing strategies for academic achievement for all students.
  • Build the capacity for increased parental involvement.

It is our belief that:

  • Communication between home and school should be constant, open, honest, respectful of each other, and whenever possible, in the parent's primary home language.
  • Parents are always welcome on campus to visit classrooms, hold conferences, help as volunteers, or serve as committee members.
  • When parents are actively involved with every aspect of their children's education, students do better in school and their self-esteem improves.
  • Decision-making is the responsibility of the entire school community. Parents provide the most valuable input and feedback that will affect their children's educational program.
  • When we utilize all of the available community resources, we improve the quality of our school programs for students, parents, and the school staff.

PVESD #49 supports and encourages continued professional development opportunities for staff and community members. We recognize and accept the responsibility of creating a peaceful learning and working environment with high expectations for everyone. We invite every parent to help us accomplish all of the above by becoming actively involved in their children's education at Palo Verde Elementary School District. When we all work together, we will increase the academic achievement of all our students.